Mistress Asuka Aoi
Scene 1: Mistress Asuka Aoi is wearing a pin striped business suit as her slave meets her at the door.
She is hold a can of soda which she pours down her leg. She tells him to lick it off and remove her shoes. Some very playful footworship ensues. The scene ends with her thighs locked around his neck and him being instructed to lick them.
Scene 2: She has clearly had too much to drink at a party. Her slave helps her to the couch and removes her shoes. She is wearing a long light green evening gown with matching panties which are often exposed as he massages her feet and legs. As she feels better, she places all the toes of her bare foot in his mouth. He cuts up some fruit for her and, after she eats some, she feeds the rest to
him using only her feet. The scene ends with her sitting on top of the couch with her legs spread wide... one foot on his crotch and the other in his face. 
Scene 3: She is a nurse reading her patients chart as he enters and immediately begins to admire her legs. She place him on the examination table, turns around and lifts her dress. She gets him to remove her pantyhose and then mounts him on the table grinding her crotch into his. Eventually she slides up and grinds her cute white lace panties right into his face. She turns around does the same with her ass. Still not satisfied, she removes her panties and takes his face for a  nude reverse face ride. As the scene ends, she is lying on top of the patient using his left han to pleasure herself as he uses his right hand on himself then.... then doctor walks into the room!

Mistress Asuka Aoi's laughter is great throughout the video and she clearly enjoys her dominant role. The first two scenes will be loved by any foot and leg enthusiast and the last scene will be sure to drive facesitting fans wild!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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