Mistress Kanna
Scene 1: Mistress Kanna and her co-worker are cleaning up the conference room after a meeting. She gets up on the table to clean the lights and she catches him looking up her VERY short skirt. She decides to teach him some manners as she sits on the table and wraps her thighs around his head. This scene also includes spike heeled nipple torture and it concludes with some excellent face sitting.
Scene 2: Mistress Kanna is wearing a long pink dress as she returns froma party with her slave. She is clearly tired and immediately puts him to work on her feet. As she begins to relax she has him get her some desert. After she has had a bit to eat she feeds it to him using only her feet. Finally she begins to feel playful and puts him in a figure four head scissors before sitting on his face and smothering him.
Scene 3: This scene opens with Mistress Kanna sipping some tea. She gets tired and takes a nap. She is awakened by a sound at the door. When she opens it she finds a man playng with her lingerie which she had hung out to dry. She quickly pulls him inside, throws him down, and begins kicking and slapping him into submission. Once she has him subdued, she wraps her pantyhose around hias neck, mounts his back and rides him around like a horse. Next she takes the black satin panties that he tried to steal, puts them over his head, sits on him and alternates between slapping him hard and rubbing her bare feet in his face. The grand finale comes when she removes her panties and smothers him with her naked ass.
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)
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