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School Mistress Rui
Mistress Rui is about the sexiest school teacher you've ever seen. She is dressed in a two piece suit with a very short mini-skirt, white nylons and garters and high heels. She keeps one of her slower students after class fro some special supplemental lessons. She stands over him and watches sternly has he performs his assignment. Her lesson plan soon seems to change as she begins to strip her young pupil and examine his body. There are some excellent up-skirt views revealing the silky white panties she is wearing as she instructs him to play with himself. She changes into a fishnet body suit and, as the lesson progresses, she puts a collar and leash on him. She rides him around the room as if he were her pony. Next she sits on his face and applies nipple clamps. During this torture she begins to enjoy the face upon which she is seated and she begins to moan as she grinds on his face. After this she administers a bare assed spanking followed immediately by a flogging. She eventually drops the flogger, bends over and instructs her pupil on how to properly worship her ass. He is a quick study and soon has her moaning in a state of ecstasy. The last lesson she gives him is about the power of a woman's legs. She places his head in her lap, wraps her thighs around his head and applies pressure. She begins enjoying herself again and decides to turn him face down in her crotch and grinds herself to a final sexual frenzy that leaves her pupil with a sore face, but a much more well rounded education.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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