Mistress Seika
Scene 1: Mistress Seika and her co-worker are cleaning up a conference room. The domination begins as she sits in an office chair and digs her high heels into his crotch. Shen then sits on his face with in her pantyhose and then she removes them and goes for a full-on naked smother.
Scene 2: This scene is for those of you with a smoking fetish. Mistress Seika is waiting for an elevator but decides to go have a cigarette when she decides she doesn't like the man who is also waiting for the lift. She walks up a flight of stairs, lights her cigarette and then squats down rather provocatively while she finishes it.
Scene 3: Mistress Seika is dressed as a maid. She walks into the room to find her customer stretched out on the couch with his pants down. She spots the "Boots Video" that he has been watching and confronts him.
(Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)
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