Mistress Itsuki
Scene 1: Mistress Itsuki is in an elevator getting ready to exit when a masher pats her on her ass. She quickly turns around and grabs him by the towel around his neck. She manages to get his wallet and I.D. away from him and threatens to turn him in unless he complies with her wishes. This scene features high heel nipple torture as well as some excellent nude face sitting.
Scene 2: Mistress Itsuki is dressed as a nurse who discovers some fetish magazines next to her patient's bed. She begins flipping through them and, after taking his blood pressure, decides to try out what she saw in the magazines.... namely a lot of foot worship and face sitting.
Scene 3: Mistress Itsuki walks into her room and catches her slave going through her lingerie. She grabs a pair of her panties and rubs them in his face. She pinches his nipples and smothers him with her breasts before finally sitting on his face. 
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)
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