Mistress Saki
Scene 1: Mistress Saki is in an elevator getting ready to exit when a masher pats her on the ass. She quickly turns around and grabs his wrist and bends it in a judo hold. She proceeds to slap, kick, and knee him in the groin as she takes him down. She manages to get his wallet and I.D. away from him and threatens to turn him in unless he complies with her wishes. She smothers under her mini-skirt and pantyhose in a reverse face sit. She enjoys it so much that she removes her panties and pantyhose and sits fully naked in a forward face sit and really grinds her sex into his face as she gets herself off.
Scene 2: Mistress Saki is dressed as an office worker  in a very short dress and pantyhose.  She gets into a heated disagreement with her colleague. She becomes quite aggressive and digs her high heels into his chest. Then she squeezes his throat between her stockinged feet just prior to sitting on his face.
Scene 3: Mistress Saki is in a very sexy, lacy maids outfit cutting up vegetables in the kitchen of her submissive employer. He tells her that he is hungry and she throws some cucumber slices on the floor, crushes them with her foot and then orders him to eat it off of her foot. This is just the beginning of one of the most interesting dining experiences you've ever seen. 
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)
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