Mistress Natsu
Scene 1: Mistress Natsu is dressed as a nurse who discovers some fetish magazines next to her patient's bed. She begins flipping through them and, after taking his blood pressure, decides to try out what she saw in the magazines.... namely a lot of foot worship and face sitting
Scene 2: Mistress Natsu is dressed in a very short pleated schoolgirl type skirt. She is applying for a modeling job. Her prospective employer is skeptical and he pulls out a ruler to measure the length of her legs. She gets upset with him and takes his ruler, beats him with it and then rubs her feet all over his face.
Scene 3: Mistress Natsu walks into her room and catches her slave going through her lingerie. She grabs a pair of her panties rubs them in his face and puts them on his head. She strips him to his underwear then she removes all of her clothes and meets him in the bathroom where he is lying on the floor on his back. She punishes him by sitting first reverse and then forward on his face. 
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 41 minutes.  $45.00)
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