Mistress Tamaki
Scene 1: Mistress Tamaki is sitting at her vanity table combing her long black hair and smoking a cigarrette infront of her mirror. Her butler/slave come in with a cup of tea for her and accidentally spills it. As he cleans up his mess she places her high heels in front of him and orders him to polish them. Prolonged footworship follows as she continues to smoke and give him instructions. When he makes a mistakes she uses her hair brush to spank him. She gets aroused and sits on his face (forward and reverse) with her pantyhose over his head all the while pinching his nipples. He won't spill again!
Scene 2: Mistress Tamaki is  on the job as a saleswoman wearing a business outfit featuring a very short white skirt. She squats down n front of her potential customer allowing her skirt to ride up as they review her brochures. She uses her legs and feet to enhance "sales potential". After she squats on his face he decides to buy more from her. Mistress Tamaki is one saleswoman that won't take "no" for an answer.
Scene 3: Mistress Tamaki enters her laundry room and catches a panty sniffer in her laundry basket. She goes into his pockets and finds lots of her lingerie. She places her lace panties over his head and drags him into her shower room to "clean up his act". He is made to lie on the shower room floor as she sits on his panty-clad face and enjoys rubbing her dominance all over his face.  
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)
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