AFDMC-02 The Image Club Maso Play - Reverse Sexual Harassment
Kyoko is dressed in a rose pink two piece business suit with a very short tight skirt, pantyhose and high heels. Her boss begins to make some inappropriate advances. He had no idea that the normally quiet and subdued Kyoko is actually a domme in secretary's clothing. His advances are repelled as she grab his shirt and goes on the attack. She slaps and kicks him to the floor where she straddles, pins him down, and continues to beat him. Once she has him completely subdued, she stands over him, hikes up her skirt, and sits her pantyhose clad ass down on his face smothering him. After a bit she slides off his face, sits behind him, wraps her legs around his neck and begins choking him in her scissors hold. Eventually she lets him up while holding on to his tie and grabs a pair of scissors which she uses to shred his shirt. Next she produces a ball of nylon twine, binds his arms to his torso and jerks his pants down. She sits on him and plays with his tool and then places her feet in his face forcing them into his mouth. She leaves him bound on the floor and returns wearing a short vinyl dress, fishnet pantyhose and high heels and wielding a whip. He takes a  flogging before she, once again, stands over his head, hikes up her dress and sits all over his face rubbing, grinding and laughing at his predicament  and enjoying her sexual harassment of HIM!

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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