AFDMC-03 The Image Club Maso Play
School girl Namie, dressed in uniform,  arrives a bit late for her lesson from her tutor. They argue and the phone rings.  While her tutor is on the phone the mischievous school girl gets a soft drink from her knap sack, dumps powdered drug in it (a mickey!), and gives it to her tutor.  She gets out her books and the lesson begins.  As they are going over the study material the tutor begins to feel ill.  He leaves to use the restroom. While he is gone she discovers some Hentai porno magazines in his briefcase.  When he returns she has a lesson plan of her own in mind for him.  She gets a camera - puts the magazines in his hands and quickly photographs him with them.  He becomes angry and a fight starts.  Due to his weakened and drugged condition he is no match for this healthy, happy, giggling school girl.  She kicks him, slaps him, wrestles him down and sits on him.  She gets him in a head scissors and removes his belt.  She then binds his arms behind his back with it.  She gets a ruler and sits on him and slaps him with it repeatedly.  The action from there is all hentai, hentai, hentai. Namie's style and includes face sitting, forced foot worship, paddling, whipping, anal torture, hot candle wax, and spitting in his mouth.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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