AFDMC-07 The Image Club Maso Play
Rika is a saleswoman dressed in conservative woman's business suit with panty hose and high heels.  Short cropped hair.  Little does her customer know she is also dominant.  As they are sitting down and signing contracts the impudent client drops his pencil from the table. When he goes to pick it up he tries to sneak a look at her legs and up her skirt.  He is immediately punished for his insolence as Rika stands and kicks him repeatedly laughing girlishly as she does so.  She sits on him and puts her high heels in his face. She slaps his face and then gets him in a painful head scissors. She hikes up her skirt and sits her pantyhose clad ass directly on his face and uses her high heeled shoe on his crotch.  Next comes some prolonged forced foot worship . She then blind folds him and ties him to a chair.  She leaves and changes in her "Hentai" outfit consisting of thigh high boots, fishnet stockings and leather.  When she returns she has a whip which she uses on his thighs and chest.  His torture continues when she unties him, takes a riding crop to him, and gives him an enema.  Lastly she sits on his face - smothering and riding him for a good 12 minutes - laughing and reveling her dominance over him the whole time. 

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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