Mistress Tsugumi
Scene 1: Dressed for work in her very tight bright pink dress and black sweater, Mistress Tsugumi realizes she forgot something. But when she goes back to get it, she catches her boy-toy about to masturbate with her stockings. He tries to lie, but she’s not fooled! She forces him to the floor and makes him undress and suck her stocking clad toes. Then she spits on him, licks her finger and shoves it up his ass for punishment. Smiling while she teases him she rubs her pantyhose in his face and laughs until he explodes!
Scene 2: Sent to the principal’s office, Mistress Tsugumi knows how to get good grades! Dressed in her red and white short schoolgirl uniform, she works the headmaster to her advantage. She sits on his face, then spits in his mouth only to once again face smother him; all the while smoking her cigarette. She kicks and slaps him until he cums and then makes him lick it off her thigh. Smiling the whole time knowing she’s getting an A+.
Scene 3: Dressed in a short black skintight business dress, Mistress Tsugumi is all about business. But then she decides to have some fun of her own with the telephone repairman. She stands on his chest with her black spiked heels making him kiss the soles. Then she sits on his face and watches him as he toys with himself. The pantyhose come down and it’s face smothering time again! She pits on him a bit and then sits him upright she can get him in a headlock. She chokes him and bites his ear, takes off her panties. Then smothers him again with her bare ass until he erupts and she has a taste of her handiwork.
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 44 minutes.  $45.00)
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