Mistress Misato Fubuki
Scene 1: With hot black heels spike for his pain and pleasure, Mistress Misato is definitely getting what she wants! Her sweetheart smile doesn’t hide what she really has on her mind, having him at her mercy. She teases and laughs at him. Making him worship her feet and suck on her toes. She toys with him until she’s ready to spit her coffee on him and make him cream.
Scene 2: In a short pink skirt and tiny blue top, Mistress Misato tosses her apron aside to make sure this repairman never steals her panties again! After she finds them in his pocket she forces him down on the floor to suck her toes, stuffs her panties all the way in his mouth and then sits on his face.  She makes herself comfortable and from there on she’s in facesitting heaven!
Scene 3: When Mistress Misato comes in to clean up wearing her sexy black and white maid’s uniform with white fishnet stockings. She finds the man of the house asleep next to some dirty magazines. This upsets her and she’s going to show him how it’s done in real life! She sits on his face then smothers him with her bared breasts. Ripping her stocking she makes him lick and suck her toes. She spits on his manhood and makes him play with himself for her viewing pleasure. When he makes a mess all over her foot, she’s not cleaning it up, that’s a job for his tongue! 
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 44 minutes.  $45.00)
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