Mistress Maisaka Sumire
Scene 1: Wearing bunny ears, a bow tie, black fishnet stockings and fluffy white cotton tail, Mistress Maisaka Sumire doesn’t want to wear the new uniform her manager tried to give her. She knows just how to get her way! She shoves her black spiked heel into his groin after she makes him strip and lie on the floor. Then she tears her stockings away so that she can grab his crotch with his toes and convince him properly. He gets so excited he shoots all over her foot. As she makes him lap it up, she knows her mission has been accomplished.
Scene 2: When her boss wants her to stay late at the office, she decides to show him who’s boss. Wearing her short black business skirt, shirt and jacket; Mistress Maisaka Sumire makes him strip down and lay on his back. She then applies a face smother and spits on and grabs his crotch with her foot. Her panties come off for more bare-bottomed face-sitting. The only one staying late will be him – to clean up the mess!
Scene 3: Startled awake from her afternoon nap, Mistress Maisaka Sumire, wearing only her thin white camisole and matching thong panties, catches her best friend’s brother with her bra in his pocket. She decides to teach him some manners. Making him strip, she teases him with her foot. Then she takes off her panties before sitting on his face, and spits on his crotch so that she can titty-fuck him. After he blows all over her chest, he licks it up. She can tell her message is now understood.
(Some Mosaic.  Running time 44 minutes.  $45.00)
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