Mistress Kujyou Miuki
Scene 1: Looking really hot in her hot pink short dress, pantyhose and open toed heels. Mistress Kujyou Miuki receives some unexpected attention when a stranger exposes himself to her in the apartment elevator. She quickly pulls out her camera to use as her witness. Kicking him as he begs for the film, she decides to make him please himself for her entertainment right there on the stairs. Clicking off pictures with her camera the whole time.
Scene 2: When Mistress Kujyou Miuki, wearing her stark white nurse’s uniform with white stockings, goes to change the sheets on a patient’s bed. To her surprise finds a dirty magazine under his pillow. She locks the door to show him what dirty is! With strawberries, bananas and his cream, she makes a wonderful mess of him – and the sheets!
Scene 3: Mistress Kujyou Miuki, lying asleep dreaming on her bed wearing her short blue and white sailor suit, wakes to find someone trying to remove her socks. Not only that, he has a pair of her panties hanging out of his pocket. She takes this opportunity to make her dream come alive. She allows him to worship her feet by sucking her toes. She teases him a bit by licking on his manhood, then removes her panties and sits on his face. After he releases on her leg she makes him lick it up. A daydream cum true!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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