Mistress Rei
Scene 1: Just home from work, still wearing her short crisp white nurse’s uniform with white stockings and cap, Mistress Rei discovers the boy next door stealing her pantyhose off the drying rack. She rips his pants off and finds he’s already wearing a pair. He fights to no avail as she tears them off, only to expose that he’s wearing her panties too! Hitting him and spitting on him while she smiles and laughs. She gets rid of her pantyhose to shove her bare toes in his mouth while she pinches him teasing until he explodes!
Scene 2: Armed with beads, clamps, and a whole lot more, Mistress Rei dressed in her pleated blue and white sailor suit, isn’t taking any crap from her boss! After she forces him to remove his pants and get on his hands and knees, she spits on his asshole and starts reaming him! First with a hot pink vibrating dildo, then the beads go in- and come back out. While she slaps his ass and laughs joyously at his pain! Searching for something else to shove up there, Mistress Rei hits the jackpot when she finds a bright purple dildo, electric nipple clamps, and a big fat strap-on to make him suck He knows who’s boss now!
Scene 3: When Mistress Rei, taking a nap in the afternoon heat, wearing a thin short white and yellow sundress and pantyhose, wakes to someone caressing her foot and stealing her dirty cigarette butts- she decides to make him pay and get what she wants! Smiling with her stockinged foot forced in his mouth- she turns around to rip away his pants and boxers. After an unhurried drink while standing on his chest- she spits it in his mouth. Taking off her pantyhose, she shoves her panty-clad pussy in his mouth and rides, bouncing up and down. The panties come down and she rides again! Spitting and pinching him until he bursts on her leg- she’s satisfied he won’t try that again!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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