Mistress Chikako
Scene 1: Lying asleep in bed wearing a silky black slip, Mistress Chikako wakes to find a stranger in her room stealing her panties. Determined it won’t happen again, she spits on him when he exposes himself to her. Lying him on the bed, she grinds her feet into his groin. After giving him pineapple with her toes, she rubs a piece all over his crotch and feeds it to him with her mouth. Her panties gone, she sits on his face and grinds until she has him licking his juice off her toes!
Scene 2: Discovering a navy blue pin striped stewardess uniform complete with hat, heels and black panty-hose hidden away, Mistress Chikako puts it on and resolves to find out where it came from! Making him undress she grinds her spiked heel hard in his crotch. Sucking her nylon-clad toes while she grabs his head and puts it where she wants it! Ripping her hose away and spitting on him she smothers his face with her ass until all her questions are answered!
Scene 3: Arriving home from work, wearing her pastel pink business suit and white stockings, Mistress Chikako spies a man loitering in the lobby of her apartments. When he follows her, she knows just how to get rid of him! Throwing her purse at him and spitting on him when he reveals himself to her. While he touches himself, she sits down to have a smoke and threatens to burn him with it! A swift kick from her spiked heel sends him on his way- never to be seen again. Mission accomplished!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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