Mistress Satomi Mizuhara
Scene 1: Dressed in a very short dark blue skirt and thin printed top for an afternoon of shopping, Mistress Satomi Mizuhara gets groped by a stranger in the elevator and doesn't hesitate to let him know how she feels about it. Throwing him to the floor she kicks him while he’s down! Forcing him out of his clothes she smashes her heel hard into his chest.  Pulling a banana from her shopping bag she smashes that too and makes him eat it off her shoe. With her nylon-covered foot in his mouth, and everywhere else, she spits on him. When the panty-hose come off they go straight in his mouth, followed by her cum-covered foot. She taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget!
Scene 2: When Mistress Satomi Mizuhara, dressed in her pale pink nurse’s uniform and white stockings, comes to check on  a patient and discovers he’s been jacking off to a dirty magazine and into a cup, she pulls out her rubber gloves and uses his cum as lube for her finger up his ass. Smothering his face with her bared tits, she shows him the real thing is always better! With a bonus private cock-stroking lesson at the end, Mistress Satomi Mizuhara demonstrates on a dildo how to do the job right!
Scene 3: Wearing a hot pink vinyl business suit with very short skirt and white panty-hose, Mistress Satomi Mizuhara has a hard day at the office and stays late to take it out on the help. He begs to leave, but she has other plans- like using him for a footstool! When he fails at that she kicks him away and makes him suck her spiked heel. She removes her shoe to give him a better taste of her stockinged foot. Straddling his head, she smashes his face with her crotch. Pulling down his pants she spits on him. Then with panty-hose gone she sits on his face and works him with her foot. Smiling happily as she makes him lick up his juice from her toes. He won’t whine about staying late again! Mistress Satomi Mizuhara then shows the correct technique for putting on a pair of panty-hose and teasing a man proper!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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