Mistress Riko
Scene 1: When Mistress Riko, wearing her white nurse’s uniform and cap, comes in to prep a patient for surgery, razor and shaving cream in hand, he’s at her mercy. With cream all over her latex-gloved hand she shaves his groin smooth. Pinching his nipples, she makes him touch himself while she smiles happily watching. Rolling a q-tip back and forth across her tongue she shoves it up his pee-hole and laughs! After she rides his face and spits on his crotch, she makes him suck his cum out of her stockings. With no mercy to be found!
Scene 2: When Mistress Riko, wearing a short, plaid pleated skirt, white knit top and nylons, discovers strange panties in her bed- she wants answers! His excuses not good enough for her- she dresses him in them and giggles at him hysterically. She gets rid of her hosiery and starts grinding on him in her light pink panties. When she whips out the dildo and grease, he’s in for it! Making him suck the dick she then slicks it up and sticks it up his ass while she sits on his face. Turning around to concentrate on smothering him she removes her panties and sits right back down on his face riding it happily ‘til the end. She finally got the right answer from him - no question!
Scene 3: When Mistress Riko, in her lace-edged black and white maid’s uniform and white stockings, comes in to tidy up. She finds the tenant touching himself to a dirty  movie, knowing she was coming! She’ll take care of this mess. She grabs the broom by the handle and hits him with it, making him pull her white fishnets off with his teeth and replace them with a sheer black pair. With broom in hand to beat him with, she makes him undress and pours liquor down her leg so he can slurp it from her stockinged  toes. When he gets her leg messy, it’s a clean sweep, with his tongue!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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