Mistress Seiko
Scene 1: When Mistress Seiko, dressed in a short black skirt, long white lab coat and black pantyhose, sees her next patient, she puts him through a test of her own! Rubbing the head of his dick down with alcohol she then sticks a q-tip right in his pee-hole while she laughs. Flicking the swab and spitting on it, she works it in as far as it will go. Q-tip gone, she strokes him with her arm and hands until he goes off. He passed the test, this time.
Scene 2: When Mistress Seiko, wearing a thin white sundress with green print, receives a pair of panties as a gift, they’re the wrong size! Putting them on to prove it, she pulls his head in between her legs to get a good look at his mistake. Lying him on the floor, she sits on his face and pulls his pants down to spit on him. The offending panties come off and she rides his face bareback. He finger fucks her while she jerks him until he cums. But Mistress Seiko isn’t done yet; it’s her turn to climax! On her hands and knees, she convulses with pleasure while he works her from behind with his finger. Knowing her panty size first hand now, he won’t make that mistake again!
Scene 3: Mistress Seiko, wearing hot pink spiked heels, pantyhose, and a palest pink silk and lace dress, determines her make-up boy isn’t doing her eye-shadow to her satisfaction, and lets him know about it! Making him drop down to kiss her feet, he lies flat on his back while she stabs and grinds her heel into him. With him undressed, she removes her shoe and rubs her foot all over his groin. Getting off her chair to straddle his waist she spits on him and puts his dick behind her knee squeezing and rubbing him with it. She gets up to sit on his face and continues working him over with her foot until he can’t take anymore! As she watches him lap his cream up off her foot, she’s sure  there won’t be a shadow of another mistake.

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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