Mistress Aoi
Scene 1: Returning to the dressing room for her lunch, Mistress Aoi, wearing a skin-tight red, white and blue Budweiser dress and white hose, finds a customer sneaking around stealing her panty-hose! Lying him on the ground she feeds him the stolen hosiery. She gets him naked and makes him kiss her feet. She smashes her interrupted lunch, pineapple and a very ripe peach between her thighs and toes. As he licks the sweet juices from her stocking clad legs and feet she has him remove her panty-hose and sits on his face. In the end - it’s his lunch served - his juice on her foot!!
Scene 2: When Mistress Aoi, wearing a thin black nighty, goes to check on her laundry and finds a man smelling her panties; he’s definitely in trouble! Forcing him to undress, she lies him on the floor and sits on his face. She takes her panties off and rides his face again vigorously until she cums while he jacks himself off. She leaves satisfied and happy; laundry done, and punishment served.
Scene 3: Wearing a short pink and white checkered business suit and white hose, Mistress Aoi catches the maintenance man in her office taking the pair of panty-hose she threw away. With him undressed, she sits him down and makes him sniff her dirty worn hose. Then she pulls out her make-up and paints his dick and penetrates his pee-hole with a q-tip and a ball point pen from her desk to her delight! He removes her panty-hose with his teeth and sucks her toes. She dumps a full teacup on him and rubs her feet all over him until he’s done for. Next time he’ll just take the trash out!!! With a bonus short of Mistress Aoi stroking a dildo the right way!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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