Mistress Kaho
Scene 1: While receiving a massage from her slave, Mistress Kaho, wearing a magenta and white tie-dyed dress, decides it’s not good enough. So she spits her mouthful of juice in his mouth! While she munches on a piece of fruit he continues his massage until he screws up again and she kicks him away to the floor. Straddling him she continues to snack, biting her peach and spitting it in his mouth. Getting him nude from the waist down, Mistress Kaho works him over until he erupts. He’ll use a different technique on her next time!
Scene 2: When Mistress Kaho, wearing a bright red suit with very short skirt and black panty-hose, comes home from work she knows she’s being followed, and boy is he in trouble! She throws him to the floor and takes the camera he was snapping shots of her with. She forces him to remove his clothes and throws them out the window! Lying him on the floor she wraps her legs around his head making him lick her through her hose. She sits on him and grinds energetically. After she takes off her panty-hose she smashes her banana from lunch between her toes and feeds it to him with her foot. She sits on his face in her lacy black thong and reaches for another banana shoving it down his throat while she bounces up and down smiling. Her panties gone, she rides his face happily. After he cums, she’s gone! Camera in hand, him naked on the floor, he’s not leaving anytime soon!
Scene 3: Wearing her short white nurse’s uniform and cap, Mistress Kaho is going to get her vacation time! Stripping the doctor down and laying him on the table, she shoves a q-tip as far up his dick as she can and spits on him laughing happily. Removing the q-tip and her panty-hose, she straps on a bright purple vibrating strap-on and makes him suck it before she fucks him up the ass with it. That done, she takes her panties off and sits on his face while he jacks himself off. Smiling, with her eyes closed, Mistress Kaho can already hear the island song calling her name.

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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