Mistress Seiko
Scene 1: Wearing a white skin tight thong bathing suit, panty-hose and spiked white heels, Mistress Seiko models for a photo shoot. But when the camera man puts a run in her hose, she is none too happy. Undressing him from the waist down, she straddles his groin, kicks off her shoes and puts her feet in his mouth. He rips her panty-hose to expose her toes and she fucks his mouth with them. With one foot in his mouth and one in his crotch, he cums all over her, and she makes him lick it up! That’ll be the last run he puts in her hose, that's for sure!
Scene 2: Wearing a black business suit with white silky blouse, Mistress Seiko comes home from work to find dinner isn’t done, in fact, he hasn’t even started it! All he has is two little containers of flan for dessert! Removing her jacket, skirt and panty-hose, she instructs him to undress and empties a dessert onto the glass coffee table. Sitting on it she smashes it all over the table with her ass and then makes him eat it off her panty covered crotch. With her panties gone she sets the other dessert on his face and climbs on making a total mess of him. Lying him on the floor to ride his face better, she takes off her shirt to reveal a white lacy bra. Bra gone, she happily bounces up and down spitting on him until he cums. He’s going to bed without dinner tonight!
Scene 3: When Mistress Seiko, wearing a sheer black leotard and long black overcoat, steps in the elevator she spies her next victim, her neighbor! When he tries to go home she drags him to her place and shoves him through the door. Taking off his shirt she licks and bites his nipples. Removing her overcoat she pulls out her lipstick and paints his chest and lips up like a girl! With her top pulled down, she takes off the rest of his clothes and lotions up her chest to titty fuck him until he cums. Rubbing it into her skin, she got her beauty treatment for the day - free!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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