Mistress Mika
Scene 1:
Wearing a skin tight pink dress with bright pink stockings, Mistress Mika realizes she’s being stalked. But she’s not one to let that slide! With lots of attitude and plenty of spunk, she turns the tables on him. She squats down and lights a cigarette yelling at him and spitting at the camera while he jacks himself off staring at her. She finally has enough and shoves him out of her way leaving him alone on the stairs. She won’t be intimidated - especially by him!
Scene 2:
In her pink-checkered business suit with short skirt and panty-hose, Mistress Mika doesn’t want to work , she wants her way , with her boss! So she sits on his desk and makes him kiss and massage her feet and legs. As he licks her shoes, she teases him with a smile. He removes her heels to kiss her feet through her panty-hose. Turning around, she sticks her ass in his face so he can kiss that too! Pulling her hose off with his teeth, she makes him beg to suck her bare toes. Lying him on his back and making him undress. She straddles his groin and strokes him with her thighs and legs while she spits on him. Getting up to sit on his face, she has him remove her panties so she can get a better lick! Grinding on his face until he cums - he knows she definitely means business!
Scene 3:
When Mistress Mika, wearing a zip-up bright pink dress and matching stockings, catches someone stealing her dirty panty-hose, he tries to make it up to her by giving her a red, white and blue skin-tight dress, but when she puts it on with a nude pair of hose and white spiked heels, she decides it’s not good enough! Sitting down she forces him to kiss her feet kicking him for every mistake he makes. She has him remove her panty-hose to kiss and lick her bare toes. She lies him on the floor and spits on his crotch through his shorts to make a wet stain while she gropes him with her feet. Pulling his shorts down, she laughs while she spoons her yogurt from lunch all over him and feeds it to him with her toes. Sitting on his face, she foot-fucks him until he cums. Watching him lick his juice from her foot, she’s satisfied he learned his lesson!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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