Mistress Megumi
Scene 1: When Mistress Megumi, wearing a very tight red and white and blue dress and white panty-hose, returns home unexpectedly. She catches her slave masturbating in the bathroom with her panties when he’s supposed to be doing her laundry! Never one to let a slacker slide, Mistress Megumi takes the distracting panties and hits him with them knocking him to the floor. Straddling his head she shoves the panties in his mouth and then puts them on his head over his face so he can get a good taste. Exposing his groin with her spiked heel, she then sits down with his head between her legs and smothers him with her breasts. Standing up with her foot on his chest, she takes off her panty-hose and underwear and teases him relentlessly. Getting him in a headlock she smashes his face with her chest. Bare-assed she sits on his face and bounces up and down rubbing his nipples until he cums. Now he has even more laundry to do!
Scene 2: In the kitchen, wearing black leopard print panty-hose, short black skirt and a white blouse and apron, Mistress Megumi decides to play with her food before she serves it, on the floor! Lying him on the floor, she has him undress from the waist down and then sticks her foot in his mouth, dumps juice down her leg and makes him suck the juice from her leopard toes. He removes her hose with his mouth and then sucks her bare toes. Sitting on his face she grinds her heel into his crotch. Happily spitting on his dick, she moves to a chair to shove both of her feet in his face. When he cums on her foot, his dinner is served!
Scene 3: Wearing a white nurse’s uniform and cap with matching panty-hose, Mistress Megumi wants to leave work early. Shoving her foot in the doctor’s crotch, she knows how to get her way! Undressing him on the exam table, she stands on it to make him remove her sandals. Pouring a glass of water on his groin, she smiles while she rubs it all over him with her bare feet. Sitting down between his legs she makes him suck her toes. Foot-fucking him until he cums on her, then she makes him lick it all up!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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