Mistress Moe Kamitani
Scene 1: When Mistress Moe Kamitani, wearing her black and white maid’s uniform with white fishnet stockings, makes her last room service delivery of the day, she decides to invite herself to his dinner. Pouring a glass of wine, she sits down on the couch and tells him to massage her feet. But instead she has more fun kicking him in the head. When he’s down on the floor, she shoves her foot in his mouth and pours the wine down her leg for him to drink from her toes. Grabbing a dish of sliced tomatoes, she feeds them to him with her foot. Still kicking him in the face, the lemons are next. Smashing all the lemon juice out onto the floor she makes him suck that from her toes too! She sits back down on the couch and has him rip one of her stockings away to clean up her toes with his tongue. He moves on to the other foot and rips the other stocking away to suck those too. He removes his robe, and she pinches his nipples with her foot. She makes him unclip her garters and remove what’s left of her stockings with his mouth. On the floor, his underwear gone, she removes hers too, and squats over his head! After the stuffs his mouth full with her foot until he cums, his dinner is served, on her other foot!
Scene 2: Dressed in a short white skirt with a blue belt, matching blue and white sleeveless racing top, nude panty-hose and white spiked heels, Mistress Moe Kamitani models for the camera. Removing her heels, she waves her feet around posing so the camera can get a good long look at her nylon covered toes. She turns around to get on her hands and knees and gives the camera an even better look at her ass, bumping the lens with it a few times for good measure. She slowly takes off her hose and gets back on her hands and knees for another close- up shot of her ass in a white thong. Turning around to straddle the camera, she fucks it with a clear face mask over it, bouncing up and down and pulling her panties aside to smash her pussy lips on it. And oh, what a view!!
Scene 3: Dressed in a white and red plaid matching shirt and pleated skirt, Mistress Moe Kamitani gets nosy at the doctor’s office and starts going through his desk drawers only to discover a treasure trove of kinky sex toys! Making him undress, get on the table on his hands and knees and pull down his boxers she gleefully smacks his ass. Grabbing her first toy, a string of pearl white anal beads, she lubes them up and smiles while she sticks them up his ass and pulls them out to stick something else up there- a huge black vibrating dildo!! She lubes that up and in it goes while he wiggles around. Then she trades that in for a hollow metal ass spreader that she shines a flashlight through to get a good look up his ass. Seeing that all is clear, she removes it and goes for the hot pink vibrating butterfly strap- on. She puts it on and makes him suck every bit of her two inches before she fucks his ass with it while he strokes his dick. Lying him on his back, she straddles his head to sit on his face so he can eat her asshole out while she spits on and strokes his dick until he cums. She got her rocks off, so she leaves him there alone on the table, off to school so she won’t be late!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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