Mistress Asami Saito
Scene 1: Wearing a very short white nurse’s uniform, cap and white panty-hose, Mistress Asami Saito comes in to change the sheets in the exam room and decides to play with the doctor instead! Having him undress and get on his hands and knees, she puts on a rubber glove and probes his ass with her finger. Grabbing an anal spreader she shines a flashlight up his ass, smiling as she does. Done with that, she goes for a foot- long, black vibrating dildo and works that up his ass as far as it will go. Next she puts on a bright pink vibrating strap-on and makes him suck her dildo, and then fucks him with it while he’s on his back. Still humping him she lubes up a q- tip and penetrates his pee-hole, spitting on him and ramming her dildo in him the whole time. After he cums, she plays with it happily. She really likes her new game!
Scene 2: Just off work and going home, Mistress Asami Saito, wearing a skin-tight, very short black business dress with white cotton blouse, gets in the elevator and then gets groped by the man already in there! Pissed off, she slaps him and then grabs him by his tie and drags him out into the hallway throwing him to the floor. He tries to run, but she drags him back and stomps on him with her black spiked heels. Kicking him while he begs, she shows no mercy for him. She sits on his face and chest comfortably and lights a smoke. Undoing his pants to expose his groin, she forces him to touch himself while she pulls down her panty-hose and sits back down on his face bouncing up and down. Spitting on him and using his crotch as an ashtray, she scratches and slaps his chest and stomach. With her hose at her ankles she gags him with them and covers his whole face while she pinches his cheek. Pulling her panties down too, she sits on his face bare-bottomed while she punches him with her fists until he cums. With one last kick to his head, she pulls her panties and hose up and goes home. She showed him!
Scene 3: Wearing a lacy black and pink teddy under a terrycloth robe, Mistress Asami Saito interrupts her neighbor masturbating to dirty magazines and decides to take over! Removing her robe she sits down to jack him off with her feet and thighs, pausing only long enough to slap him, spit on his dick, pinch his nipples and scratch his chest. After cleaning his mess off her toes, she puts her robe back on and waves good- bye to him laughing and smiling. Happy with herself and her evening interlude!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 45 minutes.  $45.00)

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