Mistress Saejima Nao

Dressed in an all white nurse’s uniform and white pantyhose, Mistress Nao Saejima, is getting a raise out of the doctor- her way! First she has him strip down and get on his hands and knees. Then she whips out a giant black, vibrating dildo and violates his ass with it. She sticks all sorts of stuff up there- her finger, a metal spreader, a flashlight. After that she straps on a strap-on and makes him suck her little pink dick. She spanks his ass and then mounts him ramming him hard. She flips him over and continues fucking him while she pinches his nipples until he cums. New designer shoes, here she comes!

Wearing hot pink spike heels, pantyhose, and a hot pink mini-dress, Mistress Nao Saejima isn’t taking any crap from the guy in the elevator who grabbed her ass. She throws him to the floor and kicks him. Grabbing his hair, she digs her heel into his chest. Then she takes his clothes and throws them out the window! She tramples him with all her weight, digging into his bare skin. Dragging him into the stairwell she makes him kiss and lick her foot while he jack’s himself off until he cums, and she’s outta there!

Mistress Nao Saejima, wearing black lacy bra and panties with hot pink and black stockings, has grown tired of the same old thing so she has herself a little tryst. First she lays him down and shaves his chest and ass entirely. Smothering his face with her breasts, she turns around and smothers him again with her ass grinding happily. Then she pinches his nipples, still riding his face, and makes him stroke himself until he cums. She knows how to spice things up!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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