Mistress Reika Ichijyou


Dressed for work in a white cotton blouse, short pink skirt, pink checked vest, and panty-hose, Mistress Reika is all about business- hers! She’s not working on her day off and she lets her boss know right away. She slaps him, throws him around and spanks his ass all the while smoking a cigarette. Then she ties his hands behind his back and makes him kiss her feet. After that she strips him from the waist down and then sits on his face while he jacks himself off until he cums. As she force- feeds him his own cum, he knows without a doubt, who the boss really is!


Wearing a tiny white, ruffled camisole, Mistress Reika enters the room to find her roommate watching porn on the TV So she decides to show him the real thing is always better. And boy does she!! She pulls his pants off and immediately starts working him over with her feet. She spits on his manhood and laughs happily making him stroke himself until he explodes. Taking his tape and smiling as she leaves him there exposed and sticky on the couch, she’s through with him…..for now!!!


Dressed in faux-fur leopard print micro-mini short shorts with matching vest and jacket, Mistress Reika isn't taking any shit from the fool who grabbed her ass in the elevator. She drags him into the hallway, takes his wallet, steals his ID and starts kicking him. Forcing him to strip, she smothers his face with her leopard- spotted ass and pinches his nipples. Removing her shorts and black thong she sits on his face bare- assed while he makes himself cum for her entertainment. She’s got his number- and his address!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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