Mistress Aoi

Scene 1

Showing up for the audition in an extremely short white and dark blue mini- dress, hot pink spike heels, and white pantyhose, Mistress Aoi takes the lead and the casting director in hand to get her way! She makes him get on his knees and suck her heel like it's a dick. Then she lies him on the floor and walks all over him with and without her heels on. After that, she makes him get naked and worship her feet and toes. Working him over with her pretty feet until he cums, she then feeds it to him off of her delicate, bared toes. She definitely got the part!!

Scene 2

When Mistress Aoi, wearing her white nurse's uniform with white pantyhose, finds the doctor/s secret stash of sex toys, she decides she wants to use them on him- or she'll turn HIM in! She forces him to take his clothes off and get on his hands and knees on the bed. Greasing his ass up first, she then shoves her fingers in, followed by a big, black vibrator t, it's time that she works in and out. Sitting on his face, she spits on him and makes him stroke himself. After that she pulls out the strap- on and fucks him with that while she squeezes his nipples until he cums. His secret's out now- and so is she!

Scene 3

When Mistress Aoi, wearing her black and white lace trimmed maid's uniform with white fishnet stockings, shows up for work she doesn't plan on cleaning, she wants a foot massage and a glass of wine. And what she wants- she gets!!! Stripping him down and lying him on the floor- he drinks his wine from her toes. Removing her stockings and panties she sets her bared ass on his face and grinds until he loses control. She's not cleaning that up either!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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