Mistress Eva

Scene 1

In her light pink, very thin, silk and lace summer dress, pantyhose, and hot pink spiked heels, Mistress Eva orders room service, but she wants more than just lunch! She wants a foot and leg massage, her toes sucked, and to pinch his nipples- among other things. First, she gets her massages and makes him remove his clothes while she takes off her hosiery. Then, she uses her hose to tie a knot around his hard cock and puts a pair of pretty panties over his head. Next, it’s time for dessert, strawberry shortcake! She lays it on the glass table and proceeds to smear it everywhere with her perfect heart-shaped ass. After that, she gets up- only to sit right back down again- on his face. Smearing her whipped cream covered ass all over his face she rides him and pinches his nipples. Dessert is served!!!

Scene 2

Wearing her short white nurse’s uniform, white pantyhose, cap and shoes, Mistress Eva comes to check on her patient. Being the naughty nurse that she is, when she finds she’s interrupted him jerking off to a dirty magazine, she locks the door and shows him what a real live woman can do! First she pulls his boxers off and rubs her feet all over his face, groin, and chest. Then she takes his lunch-a banana- and squishes it under her toes and force feeds it to him. With her exposed toes shoved down his throat, she watches while he jacks off on her other foot, and feeds that to him as well!!

Scene 3

Mistress Eva, wearing her very short army mini-dress and 4-inch high, knee-high, black leather boots, shows this poor guy no mercy. Stripping him down and repeatedly kneeing and kicking him in the nuts, she pins him to the wall and keeps at it! Then she turns him around and bends him over and slaps and kicks him in the ass, head, and digs her heels into his chest. Next, she tramples his chest, pinches his nipples, and makes him deep throat her high heel. Removing her boots and socks, she forces him to suck her toes while she puts on different pair of sexy black 4-inch spike heels. Taking off her heels, she makes him eat the toe jam from her boot while she jerks him off with her bared foot until he cums, and then makes him eat that, too!!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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