Mistress Tsubaki

Scene 1

When Mistress Tsubaki shows up in her extremely hot (and extremely short!) navy blue stewardess’ uniform, matching hat, black pantyhose, and shiny black 5 inch high spiked heels for her photo shoot  for the airline, she’s all business. But when she discovers the photographer has stolen some of her hosiery from her wardrobe, she decides to take some time out to teach him a lesson!! Lying him on his back, she torments him by digging and grinding her very sharp heels into his groin, chest, and face- making him scream in agony. To shut him up, she stuffs the ill-gotten hose into his mouth and sits on his face while she laughs at him happily. With nothing left on but his socks and vest, she continues to torture him-alternately sitting on his face and shoving her feet in various places as she makes him please himself until he can’t take it any longer! Now that’s taking care of business!!!

Scene 2

In her light pink silken nightie and white fringed thong, Mistress Tsubaki has a slumber party- and only invites one unwitting young guest! Before he knows it he’s down on his knees, worshipping her feet and sucking sweet red wine from her bare toes! Dishing up some dessert- cheesecake- Mistress Tsubaki serves it up on her smooth succulent ass. Sitting on face, she forces him to lick it up while she watches in the mirror- riding, bouncing, and smiling while he touches himself- for her pleasure. Catching his love juice in a bowl of ripe strawberries, she feeds him his freshly creamed fruit!

Scene 3

Mistress Tsubaki, at work in her white cotton blouse, black mini-skirt, nude pantyhose, black spiked pumps, and white doctor’s coat, won’t tolerate shyness! Demanding that her patient remove his clothing and get up on the table; she prepares to give him a thorough examination. She lubes up her gloved finger (ever the professional) and proceeds to check every nook- and cranny- painstakingly making sure she’s missed nothing!! Threatening him with a stun gun if he doesn’t cooperate, she violates him sexually. Stroking and spitting on his manhood, she continues with her torture. Twisting his nipples painfully with a huge clamp, enjoying herself immensely, Mistress Tsubaki doesn’t stop there! With a large, black, bulbous vibrator up his asshole and a pair of her pussy-perfumed panties over his head, she torments his nipples once again. Then, she fucks him with a strap-on while he strokes himself until he cums. Mistress Tsubaki proclaims a clean bill of health! Next?!?!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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