Mistress Kasuga

Scene 1

At the gym in her hot pink leg warmers, pretty pink and purple skin-tight leotard, light pink tennis-shoes, and gorgeous blonde hair, Mistress Kasuga is trying to get a good work-out- when she spies one of the guys at the gym snooping through her locker and stealing her pantyhose! Deciding on a different exercise, she moves in on him. First she rubs her hand all over his sweaty balls and smears it in his face. Followed by her sweaty shoe and her sweaty sock! Then she forces him to the floor and crunches his nuts with her nylon covered foot while he cries out in pain. After that, she sits on his face and puts him in an armbar, all the while making him do leg lifts. She strips him down completely naked, gags him with the pilfered hose, ties up his wrists, and shoves her damp toes in his mouth as she makes him jack off until he cums! No pain- no gain…

Scene 2

The last thing Mistress Kasuga, wearing a pastel pink skirt business suit with white spike heels, pantyhose, and white blouse, wants to see is the man in the elevator exposing himself to her! So she drags him out by his collar and beats his manhood with her purse. Then she forces him to stroke himself for her entertainment, while she sticks her heel in hi face, balls, and chest until he explodes. And there she leaves him!!

Scene 3

In strappy black spike heels, black nylons, black leather mini-skirt, silky bustier, and white physician’s coat, Mistress Kasuga is at work but instead decides to play- with her patient! She puts him in a pair of black, cock-molded latex briefs, gets him on his hands and knees, and forces him to suck a knobby pink vibrator and a big black strap-on. First, she shoves her fingers up his ass followed by a metal spreader, flashlight, and the pink vibrator. Then, she straps on the black dildo and makes him suck it while she whips him. Last, she fucks him up the ass with it until he cums and makes him lick it ‘til it’s sparkling! Conclusion- clean bill of health!!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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