Mistress Mizuki Marino

Scene 1

Mistress Mizuki, wearing a silky light pink , see-thru lacy dress, pantyhose, and black spike heels, decides to make some fun for herself by accosting an innocent bystander. First, she comes up behind him, strips off his clothes, and shoves her heel up his ass. Then, she flips him over and grinds her beautiful ass on his face while she rubs his nipples. Last, the pantyhose come off and she teases him with her bare feet until he shoots his load all over her foot, which she then makes him lick up! Her boredom is beat!

Scene 2

Wearing a very short, pale peach nurse’s uniform, white cap, white pantyhose and her stethoscope, Mistress Mizuki knows the doctor is hiding something! Intent on finding out what it is, she sees her opportunity and takes it!! She pulls his desk drawer open and finds his secret sexy stash! First, she makes him strip down to his tiny little leopard print undies and makes him climb on the exam table. Then she gloves up and lubes his ass up and proceeds to stick various toys and tools in his hole. Her finger, a shiny metal spreader, a flashlight, a bulbous pink vibrator. Finally she turns him over and sits on his face with and without her pantyhose and panties, stroking his manhood until he explodes all over himself!

Scene 3

Mistress Mizuki, in a tight black sweater, short white skirt, and white apron, knows her baby needs changing! First, she takes off all his clothes, lays him down on the floor, puts a diaper on him, and gives him his rattle and pacifier. Then, she nurses him with her big, round tits, and feeds him dessert from her mouth. When he dirties his diaper, she removes it and spanks him for being such a bad, bad baby!!! She puts a fresh clean didy on him and puts him down for his nap.

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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