Mistress Keioko

Scene 1

When Mistress Keioko, wearing her skin –tight black bunny costume complete with ears, tail, cuffs, shiny black spiked heels, and black fishnet hose, catches a young man stealing her pantyhose she decides to teach him a lesson- but good! First, she knees him in the groin and forces him to undress. Then she lies him on the floor and digs her very sharp, very sexy heel into his manhood and feeds him freshly smashed fruit from her fish-netted toes while he strokes himself until he explodes. Discipline served- with a side of strawberries and cream- his!!

Scene 2

Accosted in the elevator by a strange man, Mistress Keioko- wearing an adorable short, white sundress with blue flower print, lacy white thong, nude pantyhose, and white spiked heels- is definitely not in a forgiving mood!  First, she drags him out of the elevator and makes him undress down to nothing, the whole time she slaps him, kicks him, and steals his wallet. Then, she sits on his face while she slaps him, pinches his nipples, lights up a smoke, and uses him as a human ashtray. Finally, she removes her heels, hose, and panties, and sits right back down on his face forcing him to jack off until he cums, all for her entertainment! 

Scene 3

When Mistress Keioko, and her colleague at work- both wearing white hosiery, white sandals, and very short white uniforms with matching caps- catch a patient stealing used stockings from the trash, they write a prescription all their own! First, they lay him on the exam table and tie up his wrists with the ill-gotten hose while they strip him of his clothes. Then, they break out their instruments of torture- clamp, syringe, and q-tip, and proceed to use all of them! Finally, they remove their pantyhose, make him lick their toes, and bathe him from head to groin. Diagnosis- dirty boy gone clean!!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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