Mistress Anri
This charming, young executive and Mistress, finds her slave dressed in drag and decides to punish him in ways you may not have dreamed of!   She ties him by his feet to a type of Saint Andrews Cross and probes him with numerous objects including her spiked high heels.  Then she straps on a dildo and fucks his ass.  With him tied to the cross, she has total control and chooses to use it by sitting on his face, soaking him with hot candle wax, whipping and kicking him.   Later, as she's washing dishes in the kitchen he crawls up to her and sticks his head under her skirt, sniffing like a dog and annoying her to the point where she removes her tampax and gives it to him to chew on!   Which he does!!!  At a subsequent time, wearing a black leather bikini she takes him for a "pony ride," uses him as a foot stool, sits on his head and face and continues her tortures!   This young, active, long legged, seductress will inspire you!  Capture her on a video of your own!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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