Mistress Reika
This captivating young woman goes into a pub for a drink and is annoyed when another patron spills a drink all over her.  He grabs a towel and attempts to clean her off which just irritates her more and before long she has taken control of the situation, of this man and is removing his shirt and pants, only to find that he's wearing women's lingerie underneath his clothes.  She immediately wants to punish him and removes her panties, places them on his head and begins her torture using his belt around his neck.   Her tortures vary, and some we can't even mention.  She ties him to a stair case and makes him worship her feet, tramples him, sits on his face and gives us some great butt shots!  She puts a leash on him and treats him like the dog he is, making him eat dog food and do tricks.  At one point she ties him to a rail and forces her ass in his face, grinding and enjoying every minute.  This mistress shows no mercy and trains her dog well.  This video takes you places you've never been before.  Make it your possession!  Order NOW!!!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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