Mistress Sayuri
Mistress Sayuri, wearing "shit kicking" boots takes two of her slaves for a walk in the country.  She instructs one of them to lay down while she whips him with her crop.  Then she lays into him with both feet and she kicks the hell out of him.  There's major action in this scene and she has obviously been a student of Karate' in the past!  Mistress Sayuri takes him for a "horse" ride and then ties him to a tree where she applies clips to his breasts, burns him with hot candle wax and then sticks needles into his skin!  She stuffs panties into his mouth and then tapes it shut so that she doesn't have to listen to his moans.  When she becomes bored with that she takes her slaves inside and uses her knowledge of Japanese rope bondage to tie one slave up.  Again she uses the needles and a straight edge razor to poke and cut into his skin while the other slave watches with fear in his eyes!  This video continues with foot worship, face sitting and so much more which is too intense to even mention in this country!   Don't miss it!

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00)

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