Mistress Saori
Mistress Saori is waiting in the city for a man to arrive, but he is late and when he finally does show, she is very angry.  He begs for her forgiveness, but she is unforgiving.  They go to a lounge where the fun begins!  She relaxes while he worships her feet and calves.  Mistress Saori's girlfriend is at the lounge along with her slave and the girls come up with a plan to punish him for his tardiness by dressing him as a female, including makeup, a wig, and a dress!  Then she puts a leash around his neck and forces him to give the other slave a blow job.  The action continues with Mistress Saori tying him to a St. Andrews Cross and whipping him.  She tortures him in many ways including straight pins in his ass, hot candle wax, Japanese rope bondage, tying his tongue with bamboo and string.  This video has reverse head scissors as well as face sitting/smother holds and more!  She scratches, bites and gags him!  Don't be late ordering this video! 

(Some Mosaic.  Running time 50 minutes.  $45.00) 

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