AFDQ-01 Cross Dresser Training
Mistress Hitomi
In the first scene, Mistress Hitomi is sitting on the couch as her slave enters. She immediately hands him a pair of panties and a bra to put on but he is reluctant and needs persuading. She orders him to bow to her and kiss her nylon stocking feet. He is slapped as she hikes up her skirt and mounts his back for some equestrian training. She rides him to exhaustion, bouncing heavily on his back until he drops. She produces a riding crop and convinces him to obey her as she once again hands him the bra and panty set. This time he changes into them. The second scene begins with Mistress Hitomi wearing a smart business suit with short skirt and high heels. Her slave is made to worship her high heels and legs. He is whipped with both riding crop and flogger. She removes her skirt and jacket and produces some clothespins which she attaches to his chest, stomach, face and ears as he kneels before her. She uses her riding crop to knock them painfully off of him. Mistress Hitomi then removes his underwear and shaves his groin. Once this is complete she lights up some candles and drips hot wax on him. The final scene has her standing dominantly over him as he lies at her feet again wearing her panties.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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