AFDQ-02 Ass Breaking Mistress
Mistress Hitomi
This video features a different Mistress Hitomi than was in Q01. The video opens with her wearing a tan business suit with short skirt and nude colored pantyhose and lying on a bed. Her boyfriend enters and immediately starts putting the moves on her. He gropes her all over and she seems to enjoy it, up to the point where he attempts to insert a finger into a place that causes her discomfort. She stops him by slapping him and then proceeds to further beat him, trample him and humiliate him. After subduing him she changes into a dress with a long slit up the back. She puts a collar on him, slaps him, and forces him to worship her shoes and legs. She grabs his leash, lifts her dress, mounts his back and rides him like a dog. After several turns around the room he collapses. She kicks him - turning him over, squats down and sits on his face to smother him while at the same time hitting him with her riding crop. His wrists and legs are shackled. To teach him a lesson she brings out a huge syringe which she fills and inserts it in HIS uncomfortable place. After emptying the syringe she straps on a black dildo and vigorously takes him from behind. He is next given the hot candle wax treatment just prior to a most humiliating and degrading finish in which she sits naked on his face.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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