AFDQ-04 Mistress Saint 
Mistress Saki
This is the first video we've offered that contains extensive female nudity. Mistress Saki is wearing a robe, garter belt, stockings and no panties. She is flipping through a "singles" magazine as the video opens. She finds an ad which interests her and telephones the gentleman and invites him over. She sits him down for some tea. He leaves the room briefly and while he is gone she slips some powder into his tea. When he returns - he soon passes out after just a few sips of the tea.  When he awakens,- he finds his hands and feet have been bound and he has been stripped almost naked. Mistress Saki sits next to him smoking a cigarette and exhaling in his face. She decides to humiliate her new slave further by filling a large glass and forcing him to drink the contents while holding her hand over his mouth and pinching his nose shut. He is then flogged. After the flogging she squats down to sit naked on his face, smothering him as she grinds her pussy and her ass into his features. She teases him with her nudity and makes him suck her feet, tits, and pussy. The video ends with a second, very prolonged face sitting/grinding session which Mistress Saki clearly enjoys.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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