AFDQ-08 The Insult 
Mistress Kirino
Mistress Kirino is wearing a very short white vinyl mini skirt, blue top, matching high heels and fishnet pantyhose.  She is sitting on a couch as her slave crawls into the room.  His humiliation begins immediately as he is ordered to strip and then placed on collar and leash.  Her pink panties are often revealed as she uses the leash to pull him in close so she can jab him with her spike heels and crop him.  He is ordered to remove her shoes and kiss her feet and legs.  Once his worshipping tongue gets up to her thigh, she traps his head between her knees.  At this point she begins a wild head scissoring sequence.  It is clear from her laughter and his groans that she enjoys this very much. She crops his ass and pulls on his leash while his head is being crushed between her thighs.  She then straddles him, slaps him and leads him around like a dog after which she pours him a bowl of dog food and makes him eat it.  Next she hikes up her mini skirt, mounts his back, and rides him around like a pony all the while keeping the leash tight and using her crop.   She applies clothes pins/clamps all over his stomach and chest and then rolls him painfully over onto his stomach.  Mistress Kirino changes into a black vinyl body suit and uses a flogger on him.  She stomps her shoe hard into his crotch and then squats down and smothers him by covering his mouth with her pussy.  This is followed by another flogging.  Finally she squats down on his face again... facing his feet... and grinds her ass into his face as she drips hot candle wax all over his chest, stomach and mainly his crotch.  Ouch!

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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