AFDQ-12 Musical Mistress 
Mistress Aska
MUSICAL MISTRESS!  Our story with Mistress Aska begins with her playing a song on the guitar when she's suddenly interrupted by a naked man who approaches on his hands and knees.  She kicks him in the cock and balls with her thigh high boots and spike heels!  She orders him to lie down and begins styling his pubic hair with hair spray and a blow dryer creating spikes!  She then smears gel all over his penis and begins dripping red candle wax on his cock.  When he moans, she slaps him.  As he yells out in pain, she covers his chest with the hot wax as punishment.  When the wax dries, she pulls it off his cock and sets the mold on his stomach only to smash it with the spike of her heal!  She grabs her whip and repetitively hits him in the chest and kicks him in the face!  She makes him remove her boots and suck her toes.  It tickles her and she laughs wildly, enjoying every moment.  She soon becomes bored with that and forces him to turn around, kicking him in the ass and taking a stick and ramming it up his butt.  She puts a condom on her finger and butt fucks him, giggling as he cries out in pain!   She grabs him by the hair, throws him to the ground, ties his hands together, sits on his face and tickles him until he begs her to stop.  His hands break free so she places them in leather cuffs and ties them behind his back, making it impossible for him to escape.  She takes a red rope and ties it around his chest and shoulders, then beats him with a leather strap.  When he doesn't cry out, she takes a whip to him, rolls him onto his back and pokes him with her fingers and nails until he screams!  She sticks a vibrator up his ass, turns it on and leaves it there while grabbing another and massaging his balls and cock.  She grabs his butt, pinches it hard, while ramming a larger vibrator deeper into his ass.  She throws him to the floor, sits on his neck and smashes his head between her knees!  Removing the rope and cuffs, she sits on his back and makes him crawl around the room while hitting him until she notices the clamps!  Mistress Aska then attaches the clamps to his nipples, chest, cock and balls and kicks him to the floor.  She strokes his cock with her foot until it's hard and then kicks him and orders him to masturbate himself while she sits on his head and laughs until he cums!  Then she smears his cum all over his chest and takes great pleasure in making him lick his cum off her fingers.  For the finale, she opens a can of beer, drinks it in front of him, straddles him and pisses all over his chest, neck and face!!! 

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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