AFDQ-13 Cruelty Angel
Mistress Cat
CRUELTY ANGEL begins with our beautiful Asian girl sitting on her sofa, bored out of her mind.  Suddenly the door opens and her slave crawls into the room.  She grabs her whip and immediately begins beating his back and ass.  He whimpers in pain so she kicks him, pinches his cheeks, wrestles him to the floor and gets him into a neck scissors, choking him until he's gasping for air.  She kicks him continuously in the cock and balls, stands on his chest and bounces up and down.  She puts him in a choke hold so that she can kick him in the balls and pull his hair.  Then she turns him around and slaps him in the face over 50 times!  She knocks him to the floor, grabs her whip, pulls down his shorts and spanks his ass good!  She pours a thick jelly substance on his tailbone and watches as it slowly drips down the crack of his ass.  She then takes a vibrator and fucks him in the ass with it as he moans.  She turns the vibrator on, makes herself comfortable and notices the vibrator coming out of his ass.  She slams it back in, grabs her whip and beats him.  When it falls out again, she kicks it back in with her shoe.  Finally, she orders him to massage her feet and suck her toes.  He sucks hard and licks right through her stockings.

The CRUELTY ANGEL'S second scene begins with her sitting on her slaves face, whipping him.  She applies clothes pins to his nipples, then flicks them off with her fingers and re-applies them only to slap them off again.  She places 2 large clamps on his hard cock and then using her whip continuously beats his cock.  She then takes the spike of the high heels she's wearing and slowly presses it into his balls.  His endurance fades and he moans loudly!  She ties a red rope around his penis which turns dark purple from lack of circulation and she leads him around the room on his hands and knees.  As he crawls, she occasionally sits on his back to rest and she jabs her spike heel into his shoulder, lower neck and head, pushing it deeper and deeper into his skin!  Again she rests on his back, orders him to get her a cigarette and forces him to use the palm of his hand for an ashtray!  She rides him around the room, demands that he stop and turnover and puts him into an uncomfortable bridge position as she whips him with one hand while yanking on the rope tied to his penis with the other.  She forces him to stay in that position while she kicks him in the ass.  Finally, she allows him to collapse on the floor, lights a red candle and unceasingly drips the hot wax on his cock and balls.  He winces in pain and she giggles!  She touches the flame to his penis and burns him, smiling all the while!  He cries out in tremendous pain so she makes him hold the candle in his mouth as the wax drips down to his lips, while she ties his hands above his head and his ankles together.  Again she burns the side of his cock with the flame and he cries and moans with intense pain!  She laughs out loud!  She begins drawing, artfully with the hot wax drippings on his chest.  When finished, she insists that he look at it.  This Cruel Angel then grabs a beer can, shakes it and pops it open in his face and emptying it over his body!  She removes the hardened candle wax from his cock and hits him in the face with it, she places it over his nose and then forces it into his mouth, gagging him,  jamming it down his throat.  She forces his mouth open and spits in it watching the saliva slowly drip down his tongue!

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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