AFDQ-14 The Play Room
Mistress Tamahime
Mistress Tamahime, ties up her slave with rope and deeply scratches his chest with her finger nail.  She ties him to a St. Andrew's cross and whips him.  A little Japanese tickle torture, then she attaches close pins to his nipples and whips them off!  She tortures him with candle wax actually catching the hair of his armpit on fire!  She pours the hot wax all over his chest and he is helpless to defend himself.  She whips him repeatedly, then releases him from the cross, orders him to kneel down and rides his back, sits on his face, pinches his nipples, knocking off more wax.  Tamahime then sticks the heal of her spike shoes up his ass, then fucks him with a dildo!  As a finale she finger fucks him first and then replaces her finger with a vibrator.  She giggles and finds much pleasure in it!  Next she bridles his mouth and rides him like a horse, whipping him constantly and all the while the vibrator is still up his butt.  As it starts to come out she slams it back up, with her boot!  She straps him into a chair with restraints, puts a close pin on his tongue and tortures him again with hot candle wax.  When she releases him, she insists that he kiss her boot and then remove it to massage her legs and feet.  He does as commanded and sucks her toes.   Then finally, she drools in his mouth and makes him swallow her spit!

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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