AFDQ-16 Japanese Face Sitting
Mistress Mimi
Mistress Mimi, our Asian Domme is dressed for work when her slave shows up and she insists that he lick and suck her feet through her stockings.  He works his way up her legs to her crotch and she puts him in a head scissors hold.  Then she kicks him away and forces her foot back into his mouth.  She gets him in a head scissors again, this time slapping him in the face and choking his neck with her hands.  The more pain she inflicts the louder she laughs!  She orders him to strip, forces him to the floor and tramples him, kicking him in the balls and jumping on his chest.  She screams at him, kicking and slapping him, then stands on his arm causing immense pain!  She grabs a brush and scours his skin as he cries out.  She ties his hands above his head, takes off her suit and scours his entire body with the brush!  Mistress Mimi orders him to his hands and knees and then she takes a paddle to his butt and back.  She paddles him until his back and ass are raw and red!  Then she forces the handle of her whip down his throat and chokes him!  In the second scene, she puts a leash around his neck and leads him around the room, kicking and choking him!  She jumps on his thighs until he cries out in pain, at which time she grabs his foot and starts kicking him in the balls!  As he screams, she laughs uncontrollably and jumps on his groin for several minutes.  She's so into cock and ball torture!  Mistress Mimi then spends the last 10 minutes on his face, forward and reverse face sitting, smothering him and not allowing him to breath, clearly cutting off his air supply!  As the movie ends, she insists that he lick and kiss her ass!  Mmmm........ Good stuff!!! 

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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