AFDQS-08 Pleasure Mischief
Mistress Erika
Mistress Erika is wearing a very short black vinyl mini dress, gloves, pantyhose and high platform heels as she begins the session with her cross dressed slave. She starts by lifting his falsies and twisting the hell out of his nipples. Then she goes straight into anal torture and attempts to shove one of her thick platform heels up his posterior. A flogging takes place next and she has her slave groveling and moaning at her feet. She sits on his back and inserts the handle of the whip into his ass. She uses tape to remove hair from his ass and then pours hot candle was all over his exposed rectum as well as his back. She uses her whip to flog most of the hardened wax off of him. She inserts a tube in his ass and then sits on his back, scissoring his neck, and rides him around as he crawls on his hands and knees. She removes the tube and straps on a dildo and fucks his ass from behind.

Next the slave finds himself elaborately bound in ropes and suspended upside down. She sits on his face and gets into some more nipple torture as she enjoys her thrown. She lights a cigarette and puts it out on his chest. There is another "golden" ending to this video as she stands over him facing his feet, tears open her pantyhose and lets it flow....

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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