AFDQS-10 Castigation of a Beauty Beast
Mistress Serena
Mistress Serena is wearing a very short vinyl dress, gloves, pantyhose and high heels for this session which is probably the most brutal of the videos we are currently offering.  Unlike the other mistresses who laugh gleefully as they dominate their subs, she is very stern and straight faced as she goes  about the business of beating and torturing her slave.  The video opens with her kicking, slapping and punching him VERY HARD!  From there she demonstrates a thorough knowledge of a wide range of wrestling holds starting with a head scissors (referred to as "leg hanging" in Japan).  She even applies a brutal boston crab!  After she has caused him serious pain with her holds, she sits on his stomach and sticks her feet in his face while smoking a cigarette.  Next she sits on his face and enjoys her dominance for a while before continuing his torment.  She uses five candles at once for the hot wax job she does on him.  She pours so much wax on him that she is able to remove a sculpted breast plate from his chest when it has cooled and hardened.  Next she pulls out a couple of her whips and wields them expertly on him.  When she tires of whipping him she once again forces him to worship her feet. She makes him remove her pantyhose and she puts them on his head.  For the grand finale she stands over his beaten body, removes her panties, and gives him an absolute flood of a golden shower.

This slave takes a merciless beating at the hands of Mistress Serena.  Despite her stern demeanor, she reveals her true enjoyment of her domination as she smiles into the camera at the end.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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