AFDQS-12 A Beautiful Beast Breaking Hips
Mistress Rira Asano
Mistress Rira Asano is smoking a cigarette and sitting on her couch wearing a red vinyl dress, fishnet stockings, and high heels. Her slave enters on hands an knees and bows at her feet. She stands places one of her heels on his head and then kneels on his neck pressing his face into the floor and the session begins. She flogs him, performs Japanese rope bondage on him, and forces her feet into his mouth. She is not shy an there are many enjoyable scenes where the black panties she is wearing are exposed. There is a great deal of head scissoring, both standing and while sitting on the couch smoking as well as long, bouncing and grinding face sitting. At the end of the video she drags him into the bathroom and dunks him repeatedly. Lastly she removes her panties and uses one of her cheeks to wipe the soap suds from his face. Her wonderful laughter, playful demeanor, beautiful face and sexy body make this a thoroughly enjoyable video.

(No Mosaic.  Running time 60 minutes.  $45.00)

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